Hello, as a licensed Life Insurance advisor, I work with all sorts of people to help them protect and grow their wealth.  I am also have an accreditation called CCS. (Certified Cash Flow Specialist).  Becoming a Certified Cash Flow Specialist, allows me to further help guide individuals or families by developing a proven plan to take charge of their finances and ultimately become debt free.  This enables me to help clients achieve financial independence, by implementing a plan that which helps protects them through Life.  May it be a Health, Critical Illness or a Travel protection need, we can sell the Insurance to proctect you.

On the Mortgage side of my business, I am a licenced Mortgage Planner with Mortgage Intelligence.  I work with individuals or couples/families to find the right mortgage product or mortgage renewal to best suit the person’s needs.  Whether you’re a first time home-buyer or someone who is looking to consolidate some high interest debt into one mortgage payment, I might be able to help.

Today, we work with a team of administrative, technical, and underwriting specialists. Together, we make financial planning easy and stress free. 

Our goal at Godfroy Financial Group is to help clients through good times and bad, to take the fear out of Life Insurance and Investing, to generate results so they can achieve their dreams.  Lets start on your path today by contacting us.